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About Our Firm

The attorneys at Hyatt McIntire & Associates help people like you control their lives and assets through thoughtful and customized legal documents.

Attorneys Paulla Hyatt-McIntire, Mindin J. Reid and Tamara N. Squires are focused on customized estate planning, and related elder law services to help protect you and your family, as well as on the full range of post death services such as estate and trust administration and probates.

Attorney John Hyatt brings extensive hands on experience with contested estates and business counseling, planning and entity formation. In addition, John brings his team of highly skilled attorneys at Einwechter and Hyatt.

Need help planning for an elderly parent? A special needs child? Complicated business opportunity? Think your issue is too messy to fix? Try us. As one of the few elder law firms that also offers litigation, we provide support both in and out of court to find a successful resolution for your family. We’re very good at complicated.

Our Services

Estate Planning

Control what happens to you and your assets when you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself.

Trust Administration

We help surviving & successor trustees to successfully manage, maintain and protect their trust-based estates.

Probate Administration

In the event you or a loved one's estate is probated, the experts at Hyatt McIntire & Associates are here to help.

Elder Law

We provide legal assistance in a wide variety of matters affecting the elderly and their families.

Tax Planning

You worked hard to build an estate. Preserve your legacy by protecting it with a plan that minimizes tax liabilities.

Business Succession Planning

Ensure your business is in good hands when tragedy strikes with a plan to keep it running when you're gone.

Why Us

Personalized Service, Legalese-free. Once you hire Hyatt McIntire and Associates to represent you, we’re on your team. Whether it’s an hour-long consultation or many months of ongoing support, we work with you to build a plan tailored to your specific needs and situation. We’re your people for any estate planning or related legal needs that arise. We know the right questions to ask and laws to follow to make sure you and your family maintain control of your estate. That means less worrying about what happens after you’re gone.

Experienced Litigators. We’re the rare estate planning firm that’s also skilled at litigation. If there’s a disagreement over the terms of a trust or a will, or if the trustee is mishandling things, we’ll be there to step in and defend your wishes. When it comes to courtroom bouts, we’re seasoned fighters. Our experience litigating probate cases – in and out of court – gives you the best shot at seeing your issues resolved in a way that restores family harmony.

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