Year: 2017

Sutter Buttes, Yuiba City

Estate Planning is Essential for Any Farm Family

Many people will go out of their way to avoid talking about illness, death, and money. The reality is we all get older and eventually need help from others. The more prepared you are today, the easier it will be for everyone down the road. Estate planning should be approached in the same manner that

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Before Traveling Make Sure These 6 Things Are On Your To-Do-List

As the Spring and Summer months approach, travel ideas begin to blossom. With any great vacation, it starts with planning the destination and creating checklists of ideas to do and see. Of course, we create a to-do list of things we must do before departing for sunshine and relaxation. Before any trip make sure you

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Don’t Put the “Cart Before the Horse” with Your Estate Planning

There are several layers to estate planning and going from zero estate-planning to completion of an advanced estate plan in one step is not required, practical or even advisable. Farm succession planning, and transfer taxes such as gift taxes, estate taxes, generation-skipping transfer taxes, property taxes and income taxes?are all layers to your estate plan.

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What law changes might affect my estate plan in 2017?

Gift and Estate Tax: The annual exclusion gift limit is still $14,000. An individual can give $14,000 to as many different people as desired. A married couple could gift $28,000 to an unlimited number of people. The gift giver is not required to file a return with the IRS, and the gift recipient is not

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